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Windsor Essex Pelee Island Birding App

Tourism Windsor Essex Pelee Island (TWEPI), together with key stakeholders, sat atop the famed Hawk Tower at Holiday Beach Conservation Area to launch a Regional Birding App. It was the next step in the development of the birding product in Windsor Essex Pelee Island. TWEPI has worked collectively with birding partners to implement a regional birding strategy authored by world renowned birder and former Discovery Channel host Tom Hince.  This development fulfills additional recommendations from that strategy. 


The goal was to develop an app - a mobile extension of a specific part of our website. Birding is done in the field, and that’s what this app allows...to be in nature if the user chooses. Once in hand, users will quickly transform into local birding experts with some useful features like “Top Birds” and “Birding Hot Spots.” By means of easy-to-use mapping we’ve even added “Local Birding Services” and “What’s Nearby” to better get them acquainted to attractions other than our feathered friends.


The app is available by searching for “Birding in Windsor Essex” in an app store or visit “m.visitwindsoressex.com.



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Extreme Southwestern Ontario, home to the regions of Windsor-Essex and Chatham Kent, is one of North America’s premier bird-watching hotspots. Home to Point Pelee National Park, Holiday Beach, Hillman Marsh, Ojibway Park, Rondeau Provincial Park, and Wheatley Provincial Park. Our unique geographical location and shape acts as a funnel for the hundreds of thousands of migratory birds on the move each spring and fall.


World-class birding is closer than you think! We’re only a 3 hour drive from Toronto and just 1 hour from Detroit, Michigan. Set your sights on a great birding region.


Thousands of visitors travel to the Windsor Essex Pelee Island region annually to see the wide variety of birds that flock to our area. There are over 400 species of birds in our region! Our region hosts two major bird festivals annually that draw visitors from all over Ontario, Quebec and the U.S.


Our Conservation Areas provide important resting areas as these birds make their long journeys, and also offer year-round habitat for non-migratory birds. These Conservation Areas are equipped with convenient parking areas, pleasant trails and good viewing areas and some have viewing towers and informative signage so that everyone has the chance to experience the pleasure of bird-watching.


The map below displays all the great birding sites in our region. Explore and stay a while to enjoy our warm hospitality. 

View Windsor Essex Birding Sites in a larger map



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